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Hidden Talent FAQ’s

What is the website?

www.hiddentalenartschool.com       www.laurawatmough.com      www.paintingnewsletter.blogspot.com

What is the contact info?

Laura Watmough

#107- 25 Chisholm AVE.


When are the Semesters?

 Fall Semester-start Late Sept- Dec

 Winter Semester- starts Jan- March

 Spring Semester- starts April- June

 Summer Art Camps for children and ADULTS, and specialty workshops are also held during the year.

Where can I park?

 There are 8 reserved parking for Hidden Talent students only from the edge of the build to (and including)

the garage door. Please bring in the pylons when you come to class. They are in place to make sure the

parking space is available for you. You may also park at Design Furniture Gallery across the parking lot or

anywhere in the centers public parking area.

Can I make up my missed classes?

 Yes. Hidden Talent is one of the very few places where you can make up missed classes.

How can I make up Missed classes?

 During the current semester you can come to another class. You can also do classes in advance. There are no refunds for missed or partial classes.

Can I carry over my missed classes to another semester?

 NO. All missed classes must be attended during the semester in which it was missed.

What is the BONUS LESSON card?

 It is our THANK YOU card! If you register in advance for the next semester, or recommend a friend to

come and take lessons at Hidden Talent you will receive a bonus lesson card as a thank you!

Should I bring my own supplies?

 For the BEGINNER paints and community brushes are available with registration. You will need to

purchase you own brushes after the first or second painting.

 After the 3 or 4th painting you should have your own monochromatic paints- white, black, yellow ochre,

light red and burnt or raw umber. This enables you to paint monochromatics at home. You will not have

to wait for paint and you can start on your monochromatic painting as soon you come to class. Color

paints will be available. COLOR IS ONLY DONE IN STUDIO!

 After the 4th or 5th painting, experienced HT artists should have monochromatic colors and a good

selection of colors. Laura will supplement your colors if needed but you will be expected to bring your

own. This will allow you to work faster and get use to the amount of paint you should use according to

your unique style. This will also allow for more personalized color and brand selections. Do not paint color

on your class project at home. COLOR IS ONLY DONE IN STUDIO.

Why does Laura give out the paint?

 In the Old Masters style of painting, very little paint is used and no brush stroke is visible. Laura will give

you the correct amount of paint so you will not be tempted to put too much on. You will have more

control in your painting. These paints are for STUDIO painting only- not to be used at home. In order for

you to save your color mixes, the paper palettes can be taken home and put in the freezer. Just take

them out and bring them to class and you will be ready to go.

Do we have to bring treats?

 No, but many of our students bring goodies for coffee time. Feel free to share the calories.

 Donations are appreciated for coffee. Tassimo/canned drinks are $1.

Can I bring a friend to come and watch me paint?

 NO. We have found that having people who are not in lessons to be a distraction. Please respect your

fellow artist’s space and time and refrain from bringing visitors.

What else do you offer?

 FRAMING. We have readymade frames and custom framing available at artists pricing.

 GICLEES. We offer gallery quality printing services so you can reproduce your art on canvas or paper in a

variety of sizes.

 SUPPLIES. Hidden Talent carries a variety of supplies perfectly suited for the type of painting that is

taught. Stock is ordered on an ongoing basis. Please see Laura if you have a special request.

Do we have art shows?

 YES. We show our art at the St. Albert Lifestyle Expo (trade fair) in the spring and have a Christmas show

in December. There are opportunities to show your art in our front gallery. Please see Laura for more info.

 Release:

Please sign the release in order to participate in classes. Review all info at the beginning of a new session and initial

and date so you do not have to fill out another form.

PHOTO Permission

Laura will take shots of you and your work for the website, blog, and social media. Your initials or first name may

be used. The purpose is to showcase the artistic development of Hidden Talent students.

Studio Rules

 Be positive – we have a fun supportive studio and for the sake of all the student artists we will not tolerate

whining or bad behaviour!

 Be precise – You will find that you will get faster as you paint more but you will become an advanced

painter when you paint with precision.

 One year of lessons at Hidden Talent is equal to only 30 hours of instruction- less than a week! Even

though you make amazing progress, be kind to yourself and realize you are still in the learning stage!

 All optional workshops will be filled with Hidden talent students first before outside students.

 Classes may be cancelled due to low registration or other unforeseen events.

Art Vacations

Laura offers exciting bucket list trips to paint in exotic locations. Students who have previously traveled with Laura

get first option, and then it is open to the students of Hidden Talent, then to the general public. Notice of trips will

be via the newsletter, so please sign up to receive info.