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Hidden Talent’s Student Art Gallery

Enjoy our video galleries of Hidden Talent’s own students below!

Laura Watmough, principle instructor at Hidden Talent Art School teaches the Renaissance method of indirect painting in her classes.  The first layer of oil paint is monochromatic- one tone-which establishes the Values of the painting. The three major values are dark, medium and light.  This method helps separate color and value and allows even the beginner to achieve a realistic painting.  Colors are painted or glazed overtop the monochromatic layer resulting in a richer, more vibrant oil painting in the manner of the Old Masters.  Monochromatic layers can be painted in black, white and various shades of grey or other warmer colors depending on the subject and the light falling on the subject.

You are watching actual students paint at various stages of the Hidden Talent method of realistic painting.  Each student is at a different stage of the monochromatic first layer. Some students have begun the color layer.